The Land

  • 5.0377 Acre Property (219,444 Sq Ft)
  • 3 Acres Fenced
  • 7′ Steel Security Fence
  • Garden for below-ground plants
  • Greenhouse for above-ground plants
  • Generac Generator on property – See Utilities
  • Forest land is maintained undergoes regular Fire Mitigation
  • 302′ deep, high yield Private Well
  • Plentiful wildlife in the area such as deer, elk, raccoons, and birds


Property Line Map
Neighborhood (Zoomed out x2)

Land Maintenance

These photos show the land being cleared of slash, ground debris, and thinning the tree density – all of which mitigate fire.
Read more about this practice here: Conifer Home Fire Mitigation Association
We have maintained the land at Conifer Home Estate to be clean and clear, and the forest responds well by growing more flowers and attracting more wildlife.

Wildlife Photos
(Dear Deer Friends of Conifer Home)