Horse Stable

Horse Stable Yurt NEW DEVELOPMENT Horse Yurt – Unique Barn and Stable Circular Design with Multiple Stalls Metal and Wood Western/Mountain Style


Addition NEW DEVELOPMENT: Addition as described below Jefferson County, Colorado   Jeffco Permit and Development Info: PDF LINKS: Addition – Site Plan Conifer Home Revised plans- Conifer Home  Section Detail 11-28-22 – Garage Expansion – Deck – Roof & Cover – Revision BB 11-10-22 – Garage Expansion – North and East Deck and Cover – […]

Driveway Gate System

Driveway Gate System NEW DEVELOPMENT Automatic Bi-Parting Swing Gate Pedestrian Gate (to the right at a slight angle from gate) Metal and Wood Western/Mountain Style 19′ Across top of driveway Top of Driveway – 19′ Across Gate Style Sample 1 Gate Style Sample 2 CONCEPT IMAGE < Main Menu

Conifer Area History

Conifer Area History This land is teeming with life and energy that you can feel. Rich with history and natural beauty, the spirit of the land is full of originality and freedom; Shadow Mountain is an incredible place to be. Nestled in foothills 15 miles southwest of Denver, Conifer is far enough from the big […]